One of those days….

Have you ever had one them days when you just looked out the window and just said “blaaahhh”? You just didn’t feel like looking at no others humans than the one you see in the mirror? Well that’s how I felt today. Sometimes I just don’t want to be bothered with anything. It doesn’t happen that much, but when it does I already know what to do. Turn the phone, television, car, and every other damn thing off and just be still! No outside noises or influences. See what happens is it let’s me kinda reset my mind. Almost like meditation. We all need that. Every time you turn on the news, it’s something negative. You go to work and you deal with negative people and their noises until you punch out. For those of you with families, you might have to deal with more annoying people lol! When you find yourself in that predicament when you feel like your gonna snap or just lose it, you need to make some time for yourself to reset. Just some quiet time for yourself. Now I’m ready to deal with all noises again tomorrow, but I definitely enjoyed my day. What a difference a day makes……


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