True Love….

What I’ve learned in my short time on this earth is that some people don’t have a clue on what real love is. There is so much confusion between lust and love. Everybody seems to have there own theory…. Well, here is mine. My theory is simple. Anybody can tell the difference and I’m sure that this is gonna piss a lot of people off. I was deeply in love with a woman for a number of years. It was just something about her that I just couldn’t explain. She, to me, was beautiful. And as I think about it, her flaws made her beauty so unique to me. Now to you, you may see her and say, “she looks ugly”. But that’s the beauty of love because it’s in the eye of the beholder. I fantasized about this girl every minute, hour, and moment of the day for 16 years. In fact, I was so intimidated by her that could not speak a whole sentence to her without fumbling my words. Even in my fantasies, I only pictured being in her arms or just sitting next to her and just having a conversation. I never imagined, in my wildest dreams of her and I making love. That’s right I said it! Never had a clue. Never even pictured her in the nude. That thought was just too much for me to handle. It would have been a bonus if that would have ever occurred. That’s how you know the difference between real love and lust. Now I know you might be kinda disgusted with this, but it’s okay. TRUTH ALWAYS HURTS! Think about it. If that person that you claim to be so in love with, ends up being paralyzed or in some kinda of way, GOD forbid, handicapped. Would you be with that person for the rest of your existence on this planet. If you cannot answer that question with an immediate yes, then it’s lust. The only reason that you are with that person is because they make you feel good in whatever type of way either sex, money, or just being there for his or her every need. That is what you are pleased with. Has nothing to do with love at all. Have you ever seen a married couple together and one of them has a disability? If you are a human being and you understand what love is, you can do nothing but smile because you understand what that person without the disability is feeling for the other. LOVE! So be real, stop bullshitting and ask yourself this question. Is this true love? You already know the answer…..


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