Just Be Cool…

When I was a young man in high school, I had a math teacher named Mr. Sratton. He was an older, light skinned gentleman. Excellent math teacher. I was taking his Geometry course my senior year and he just made learning math so simple. I bet he could have taught a 6 year old calculus. That’s how good he was. Whenever a student would get out of line, his favorite line was “be cool Mr. man”. (or young lady) He never got irate when a student acted bad in his class, at least in the class I was in.  I would classify him as a great leader. Someone who has been around this game called “life” a long time and has a great understanding how to make learning simple. I aced his class because his teaching skills were very unique above all the teachers I’ve ever had in my entire school career.

What this proves to me is that great leadership is a skill that you develop. A “craft” that you learn over time from paying attention to the hits and misses that you make through the months and years. Everyone boasts on having leadership abilities, but do you really understand what leadership is. Leadership, in my opinion, is someone that can command a room. What I mean is that when you literally walk into a room, everyone else has a feeling of comfort and their shoulders start to relax because of your presence. That’s powerful! Now you may notice this at work or you just may have someone that you look to for leadership and they may not even know it.

When I worked at Sears Auto Center, I didn’t recognize that I had that affect. It just never occurred to me. It seemed as if as soon as I arrived at work, everyone was just delighted to see me. Not just because I’m Mr. Brown lol, but because of the fact that my co-workers knew when I was there that I would help them. And I did every time without hesitation. I helped everyone even if you were a new worker. Unless I just didn’t like you. I felt that was my job. To help my co-workers be better productive. What this “formula” did was make my co-workers more money and the end result was the store made more money. I believe that’s a great chain reaction. Now sometimes this could get very annoying. My name would bellow thru the store so much that sometimes I wasn’t able to complete my own assigned task in a timely manner. That was okay with me because I knew that I was doing something greater which was building trust and a great team. But, what pissed me off the most was that management never recognized what I was doing. They just never paid any attention and if they did, it was never communicated to me. This is what I like to call “poor leadership”.

How can you be in charge of team and not recognize the talents of your crew? Well, the answer is obvious, you just not paying attention. There was a lot of non-recognition that occurred at Sears. I believe that is just one of the reasons, amongst a million others, why that company is failing. I believe in about 10 years that company is gonna turn into an online company like Montgomery Wards. And It just wasn’t me who displayed value. I can name about a hundred other people that I worked with over the years of working at Sears who were 100x better than me and they wasn’t appreciated for there talents or even considered a good worker. Unbelievable! In 2013, there are still people who are put over us to lead by example, but can’t recognize a valuable worker when they see it.

It’s disgusting to me. If you are a leadership position, your duty is to recognize each team member for their strengths and weakness. You give them value by considering their input and you use their strengths to make your team stronger. The ultimate goal is to make money. But, these are just a few of the ingredients you need to have a successful team. Mr. Stratton understood that to be great teacher he had to display leadership and that’s why I believe he was so successful showing young people how simple math can be. Now Mr. Stratton passed away several months ago. I wish that I had made the time to go and see him and tell him what an impact he made on me as a student as an adult. I don’t know what kind of co-worker he was, but I believe he must have been pretty good if he was able to teach into his golden years.

So what type of leader are you? Do you consider yourself a leader at all? Do you think you have an impact on people? Well, the next time you go to work, pay close attention. If people have a look of disgust when you walk through the door, then you probably do not qualify as a leader or someone of value. But, if you go to work and your co-workers and managers are glad that you even showed up, then you can count yourself amongst the few as an important person. Your valuable and it shows. What you don’t realize is that you just made everybody’s day much easier. “Just be cool” and continue to do what you do best which is strive for excellence at what you do no matter what job or career field that you are in.


It Won’t Happen Over Night!!

You know, nowadays people seem to be in such a big hurry. For some reason, no one has patience anymore. People are always looking for instant gratification. You see it all the time. I can remember being a drive-thru at McDonald’s, And I seen a lady make an order. She was inline for five whole minutes, and she started complaining. Yelling all types of profanities at the window because she was in such a big hurry. It just blew my mind.

When did it come this? How did we get to this point? I blame the internet lol. Think about it. You click on a new web address, and if your computer or phone takes more than 15 seconds, you start to get upset. Why? I know why, cause your an idiot! You can’t wait 1 or 5 minutes before you get all frustrated and pissed off. What’s wrong with you?? I guess it’s and American thing.

I am a mechanic that use to work for a company called Sears Auto Center. (I’ll be sure to talk about them more in the future) I can remember customers who would drive into our garage and ask “how long for an oil change”. And I would say, “about an hour”. AN HOUR??? Yes an hour only because there is about 20 other customers in front of you and their is only about 2 to 3 workers in the shop. (Just like Sears) “Well I’ll just go somewhere else because that’s just to long”. I just would laugh in disbelief and just shake my head because this would happen every single day. People in such a big hurry to go no where. Even when I’m driving, doing the speed limit ofcourse, and someone zips pass me just to get to the next stoplight. I just pull up along side of them a wave lol!

This disease of impatience even occurs in the business that I’m currently in now which is internet marketing. People opt in to these home base businesses, and if they don’t make money overnight, their pissed. Oh now it’s a scam! Only because they didn’t make any money like that advertisement they click on said they would. Stop being so stupid. This business is just like any other thing you would do in life that makes an income. It takes time, training, and lots of patience. Just use common sense!                                                                     

You can’t get into any other business and expect to make a kabillion dollars. You can’t walk into a barbershop and start cutting hair and you’ve never cut hair in your life. You can’t walk in to an auto shop and start turning wrenches as a mechanic. You will get yourself hurt or worse because you don’t have the training. You don’t have the experience. Imagine lying in a hospital bed, and the doctor walks in and says to you, “It’s my first day”! I’ll bet you any amount of money that you would jump out that hospital bed so quick lol! So I think your starting to get my point.

I was recently on a website called IBO TOOLBOX and I was reading a blog. And what the article was saying is that 98% of people who start in any home business whether it’s the internet or just offline marketing, quit because they don’t make the money instantly! He’s absolutely right. Especially in online marketing because you haven’t taken the time to train and invest in your business. No patience. You haven’t taken the time to learn what SEO or PPC is. (Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click)

How can you make money without investing in tools? For most of us, it’s impossible. Their is a saying that “common sense just ain’t common anymore”. Think about it. Every movie star, comedian, politician or internet guru, always started from the bottom. Then we they became successful, you see the physical results of their success. What they didn’t tell you is the hell they went thru to get at the level that they are at now. You can’t grow an internet business without even taking the time to learn every aspect about it. Well unlike others, I’m different. I’m gonna take my time a grow this business and then when the success occurs, I know that all the sacrifices and investments I made was worth it.

What I learned today..

Well…. This is my very first blog post. I never did no shitt like this before ever and I never would have thought to do something like this. This whole time I’m thinking,”who in the hell would care about what I have to say. Well, now that I’m done with that thought process, let me tell you what I learned today. I learned that every one in this world has gone or will go thru a similar or worst situation like I have. Not just talking about relationships… I’m talking about everything from losing a job, to finding out who your real friends are, financial mistakes. We all go thru similar shitt. I think that those experiences are meant for us to go thru to some how, in some sick-twisted way, make us stronger and wiser. But I also think it’s meant for us to share our stories with others. No one really wants to feel alone when they do something stupid or make a mistake. I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine who went thru some shitt I went thru and I’m on the phone just agreeing with her. Because I’ve dealt with it. But I’m so much stronger now and she will be too. I just thank GOD for that….

Just A Regular Day…

Nothing new or exciting happened today. Which by the way, is a great thing. I love my life right now because it’s very predictable. Which is very different from years earlier. It was so hectic. I had so much confusion with my job, relationship, and everything else. But now everything is simple, for the most part. I’ve noticed through just meeting people and my family, that not everyone has that same testimony. It’s as if so much is happening to you and you don’t know left from right. I think that we all have the power to simplify our lives and the stress and confusion that’s in it, you have control over it. It’s all about making decisions on who and what you want in your life. Now me, I’m a little bit of a hermit lol! I kinda stay in my “Bat Cave” and keep to myself. And that is a very extreme end of the spectrum. But the one thing I learned and now I know is that the less people you have in your life, the less bullshitt you have to deal with.


This day 2 years ago my father passed away. I will not lie to you and tell you that he was da best dad and he was involved with every aspect of my life. No…. He was very distant from my brothers and I. He missed alot of positive things that was going on in my life. Basketball, football, award shows, prom, everything. He was not there at all. Not even a phone call to acknowledge anything. You see he left my mom when she lost her eyesight due to glaucoma with 5 children, homeless and on our own to fend for ourselves. I know what your thinking, you would probably agree that I have every right to hate him and if he did die, so what. That is not the case. I had to learn to forgive him. Which at first was difficult, but became easy because I realized that I wasn’t doing this for him, it was all for me. I had to let go all the old shitt of the past. Once that happened I was able to free myself. And I believe that is why I feel so blessed till this very day. I was actually was beginning a relationship with him. We talked almost every Sunday about everything and I never asked him the obvious questions. Why weren’t you there in my life? I understood that in order for me to truly forgive him, that I had to let those questions be just that, questions…. Forgiveness is truly hard for most of us. Especially for me because I enjoy holding grudges. But I found out that it is more difficult to forgive then to hold on to old grudges. That’s how we free ourselves. We have to realize that it is so much more going on and just more important in our lives then to be dwelling on what happened in the past. So today and every year, I will honor his memory because if it wasn’t for him, I would not exist….

One of those days….

Have you ever had one them days when you just looked out the window and just said “blaaahhh”? You just didn’t feel like looking at no others humans than the one you see in the mirror? Well that’s how I felt today. Sometimes I just don’t want to be bothered with anything. It doesn’t happen that much, but when it does I already know what to do. Turn the phone, television, car, and every other damn thing off and just be still! No outside noises or influences. See what happens is it let’s me kinda reset my mind. Almost like meditation. We all need that. Every time you turn on the news, it’s something negative. You go to work and you deal with negative people and their noises until you punch out. For those of you with families, you might have to deal with more annoying people lol! When you find yourself in that predicament when you feel like your gonna snap or just lose it, you need to make some time for yourself to reset. Just some quiet time for yourself. Now I’m ready to deal with all noises again tomorrow, but I definitely enjoyed my day. What a difference a day makes……

True Love….

What I’ve learned in my short time on this earth is that some people don’t have a clue on what real love is. There is so much confusion between lust and love. Everybody seems to have there own theory…. Well, here is mine. My theory is simple. Anybody can tell the difference and I’m sure that this is gonna piss a lot of people off. I was deeply in love with a woman for a number of years. It was just something about her that I just couldn’t explain. She, to me, was beautiful. And as I think about it, her flaws made her beauty so unique to me. Now to you, you may see her and say, “she looks ugly”. But that’s the beauty of love because it’s in the eye of the beholder. I fantasized about this girl every minute, hour, and moment of the day for 16 years. In fact, I was so intimidated by her that could not speak a whole sentence to her without fumbling my words. Even in my fantasies, I only pictured being in her arms or just sitting next to her and just having a conversation. I never imagined, in my wildest dreams of her and I making love. That’s right I said it! Never had a clue. Never even pictured her in the nude. That thought was just too much for me to handle. It would have been a bonus if that would have ever occurred. That’s how you know the difference between real love and lust. Now I know you might be kinda disgusted with this, but it’s okay. TRUTH ALWAYS HURTS! Think about it. If that person that you claim to be so in love with, ends up being paralyzed or in some kinda of way, GOD forbid, handicapped. Would you be with that person for the rest of your existence on this planet. If you cannot answer that question with an immediate yes, then it’s lust. The only reason that you are with that person is because they make you feel good in whatever type of way either sex, money, or just being there for his or her every need. That is what you are pleased with. Has nothing to do with love at all. Have you ever seen a married couple together and one of them has a disability? If you are a human being and you understand what love is, you can do nothing but smile because you understand what that person without the disability is feeling for the other. LOVE! So be real, stop bullshitting and ask yourself this question. Is this true love? You already know the answer…..

Working Poor???

You know it is really sad how we view poverty in this country. We tend to look down on people because they might not have what we have. When I was kid, (I’m 32 right now), I was told to graduate high school, got to college or get a trade and you will be successful in life. I guess those words were true back in them days, but now it’s not. Just because you have a Master’s degree doesn’t mean shit anymore. It only means that your a “teachable” person. That’s it! I know people who went to college and got all kinda loans, just to graduate and be in debt up to their ears. Most of you don’t even work in the field you studied for. Now you working at some corporation that doesn’t pay anything close to what your worth. Not even a living wage!! These companies know that they are not paying their workers nothing and they could care less. They figure that your replaceable and you don’t place value on something or someone that’s replaceable. IT’S WRONG! Working poor means that you live your life paycheck to paycheck and if you miss just one of those checks, your fucked! This has been my life style for the past 14 years and it has ruined my life. It affects every single decision I’ve ever made. For example, I just received a phone call a few minutes ago from my cousin telling me about seeing this dancer at a local night club. I told him that I couldn’t go because I don’t get paid till next Friday. You don’t have any clue how many conversations I’ve had like that! Yes it sucks being responsible some times, but I know I can’t keep living my life like this. Time to do something different. Something that is gonna completely change my life. You see, in this life now, you have to have a good source of income. And if you working on Walmart or Sears income, you need a second source of cash-flow. So whatever you are doing, make sure that you do not get caught in that life style of “working poverty” because it will cause you so much stress in your life. Make a decision today that being broke is not cool at all and that your gonna do whatever it takes to be successful.