Like I mentioned before, my “soul purpose” for having this blog is to promote Motor Club Of America. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that becoming an entrepreneur is so much more important now than ever before. Only because the way the economy is now. Think about it, everything seems to be going up instead of the minimum wage. The price of milk, meat, and don’t even mention gas prices! It’s as if a lot of these companies, if not all of them,  know that they are contributing to what I like to call “employed poverty” which is the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. And if you do happen to find a decent job, it’s no telling how long you will be there. “Never” get comfortable where you work at because anybody can become unemployed just like most people in America. It’s not like the days of old times where you worked at one job for 20 or more years and retired with a pension. For most of us those days are over. In my opinion, I believe that you should have at-least two incomes. It’s just feels so much better to know that if you are working at a minimum wage job, or wherever you work at, that you have the added security of knowing you have another income every Friday. It’s not hard to achieve a great second income and own your own business. If I can have 30 minutes of your time, I can show you how you can take those baby steps to financial independence.

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