It Won’t Happen Over Night!!

You know, nowadays people seem to be in such a big hurry. For some reason, no one has patience anymore. People are always looking for instant gratification. You see it all the time. I can remember being a drive-thru at McDonald’s, And I seen a lady make an order. She was inline for five whole minutes, and she started complaining. Yelling all types of profanities at the window because she was in such a big hurry. It just blew my mind.

When did it come this? How did we get to this point? I blame the internet lol. Think about it. You click on a new web address, and if your computer or phone takes more than 15 seconds, you start to get upset. Why? I know why, cause your an idiot! You can’t wait 1 or 5 minutes before you get all frustrated and pissed off. What’s wrong with you?? I guess it’s and American thing.

I am a mechanic that use to work for a company called Sears Auto Center. (I’ll be sure to talk about them more in the future) I can remember customers who would drive into our garage and ask “how long for an oil change”. And I would say, “about an hour”. AN HOUR??? Yes an hour only because there is about 20 other customers in front of you and their is only about 2 to 3 workers in the shop. (Just like Sears) “Well I’ll just go somewhere else because that’s just to long”. I just would laugh in disbelief and just shake my head because this would happen every single day. People in such a big hurry to go no where. Even when I’m driving, doing the speed limit ofcourse, and someone zips pass me just to get to the next stoplight. I just pull up along side of them a wave lol!

This disease of impatience even occurs in the business that I’m currently in now which is internet marketing. People opt in to these home base businesses, and if they don’t make money overnight, their pissed. Oh now it’s a scam! Only because they didn’t make any money like that advertisement they click on said they would. Stop being so stupid. This business is just like any other thing you would do in life that makes an income. It takes time, training, and lots of patience. Just use common sense!                                                                     

You can’t get into any other business and expect to make a kabillion dollars. You can’t walk into a barbershop and start cutting hair and you’ve never cut hair in your life. You can’t walk in to an auto shop and start turning wrenches as a mechanic. You will get yourself hurt or worse because you don’t have the training. You don’t have the experience. Imagine lying in a hospital bed, and the doctor walks in and says to you, “It’s my first day”! I’ll bet you any amount of money that you would jump out that hospital bed so quick lol! So I think your starting to get my point.

I was recently on a website called IBO TOOLBOX and I was reading a blog. And what the article was saying is that 98% of people who start in any home business whether it’s the internet or just offline marketing, quit because they don’t make the money instantly! He’s absolutely right. Especially in online marketing because you haven’t taken the time to train and invest in your business. No patience. You haven’t taken the time to learn what SEO or PPC is. (Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click)

How can you make money without investing in tools? For most of us, it’s impossible. Their is a saying that “common sense just ain’t common anymore”. Think about it. Every movie star, comedian, politician or internet guru, always started from the bottom. Then we they became successful, you see the physical results of their success. What they didn’t tell you is the hell they went thru to get at the level that they are at now. You can’t grow an internet business without even taking the time to learn every aspect about it. Well unlike others, I’m different. I’m gonna take my time a grow this business and then when the success occurs, I know that all the sacrifices and investments I made was worth it.