Working Poor???

You know it is really sad how we view poverty in this country. We tend to look down on people because they might not have what we have. When I was kid, (I’m 32 right now), I was told to graduate high school, got to college or get a trade and you will be successful in life. I guess those words were true back in them days, but now it’s not. Just because you have a Master’s degree doesn’t mean shit anymore. It only means that your a “teachable” person. That’s it! I know people who went to college and got all kinda loans, just to graduate and be in debt up to their ears. Most of you don’t even work in the field you studied for. Now you working at some corporation that doesn’t pay anything close to what your worth. Not even a living wage!! These companies know that they are not paying their workers nothing and they could care less. They figure that your replaceable and you don’t place value on something or someone that’s replaceable. IT’S WRONG! Working poor means that you live your life paycheck to paycheck and if you miss just one of those checks, your fucked! This has been my life style for the past 14 years and it has ruined my life. It affects every single decision I’ve ever made. For example, I just received a phone call a few minutes ago from my cousin telling me about seeing this dancer at a local night club. I told him that I couldn’t go because I don’t get paid till next Friday. You don’t have any clue how many conversations I’ve had like that! Yes it sucks being responsible some times, but I know I can’t keep living my life like this. Time to do something different. Something that is gonna completely change my life. You see, in this life now, you have to have a good source of income. And if you working on Walmart or Sears income, you need a second source of cash-flow. So whatever you are doing, make sure that you do not get caught in that life style of “working poverty” because it will cause you so much stress in your life. Make a decision today that being broke is not cool at all and that your gonna do whatever it takes to be successful.