What I learned today..

Well…. This is my very first blog post. I never did no shitt like this before ever and I never would have thought to do something like this. This whole time I’m thinking,”who in the hell would care about what I have to say. Well, now that I’m done with that thought process, let me tell you what I learned today. I learned that every one in this world has gone or will go thru a similar or worst situation like I have. Not just talking about relationships… I’m talking about everything from losing a job, to finding out who your real friends are, financial mistakes. We all go thru similar shitt. I think that those experiences are meant for us to go thru to some how, in some sick-twisted way, make us stronger and wiser. But I also think it’s meant for us to share our stories with others. No one really wants to feel alone when they do something stupid or make a mistake. I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine who went thru some shitt I went thru and I’m on the phone just agreeing with her. Because I’ve dealt with it. But I’m so much stronger now and she will be too. I just thank GOD for that….


Just A Regular Day…

Nothing new or exciting happened today. Which by the way, is a great thing. I love my life right now because it’s very predictable. Which is very different from years earlier. It was so hectic. I had so much confusion with my job, relationship, and everything else. But now everything is simple, for the most part. I’ve noticed through just meeting people and my family, that not everyone has that same testimony. It’s as if so much is happening to you and you don’t know left from right. I think that we all have the power to simplify our lives and the stress and confusion that’s in it, you have control over it. It’s all about making decisions on who and what you want in your life. Now me, I’m a little bit of a hermit lol! I kinda stay in my “Bat Cave” and keep to myself. And that is a very extreme end of the spectrum. But the one thing I learned and now I know is that the less people you have in your life, the less bullshitt you have to deal with.